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It is essential that medical support and help is simple to use and most effective where it is needed. This applies to transport to the destination and also in the construction of the appliances. Regardless of obstacles such as rough terrain or places that are far from any kind of infrastructure, the mobile laboratories and hospitals, with their highly sensitive equipment, are designed to achieve the maximum effect within the shortest space of time.


Our expertise and precision work provides exactly this; the optimal solution.


At Bischoff + Scheck the varying demands of our customers are synchronised in harmony. For example you can have robust vehicle with optimal space usage and ergonomic design, even though it may be a laboratory or a complete mobile clinic with pop-outs and equipment to carry out full operations.
‘Das Fraunhofer Institut’ and the ‘Rote Kreuz (The Red Cross)’ are just two, of the institutions that count on our know-how and experience.


At Bischoff + Scheck we continue to create special vehicles, learning the endless potential there is to be realised and developed. Continuously allowing ourselves to be inspired and working toward our limitless goals, we see many more possibilities for the usage of our Med-mobiles.


Bischoff + Scheck started with these visions and intend to continue far in to the future as there are no boundaries to our creativity.

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