Promotion //

Modern marketing is based on emotions.
As brands today focus on the perceptions that are generated after visual contact, these same ideas play a major part in our everyday decisions. All the more reason to lay the emphasis on the most important factors in this area the, Promotion-Vehicle!


Marketing means communication and with the tailor made mobile presentation vehicle, our business partners communicate directly with their target group. The customers’ product or brand popularity is optimized with the use of strategic tools, aimed at reaching the emotions of the target group and making them susceptible to the impressions received. The brand is connected to the impressions made and stays in the memory as a positive.


The product reaches new dimensions!


The Promotion vehicle drives directly to the target group to attain the best results. We develop, within the marketing strategy, the best presentation locations. The mobile promotion begins on the journey, as the vehicle already generates a large amount of attraction due to its appearance. Having arrived at the location the vehicle attracts attention through its brand orientated appearance and graphic design, a definite plus for the brand once more.


Having at once caught the attention of potential customers with the external design, it is inevitable that they are drawn to find out more and explore the interior of the promotion vehicle. Once inside, the customer is offered entertainment and information promoting the brand of the company, making a memorable experience.


As always at Bischoff + Scheck AG, we begin with a clear idea of how we can obtain the results we want. We also make visions become reality in the area of mobile marketing. Precise concepts guide us through the process from the very first marketing idea to the finished vehicle that places the brand directly in the centre of attention. The Promotion-Trailer combines unlimited mobility and optimal presence allowing the company to relay the information or message to the potential customer. Whether it be a targeted concept model or a prototype or small series, we develop success orientated strategies hand in hand with our customer.

David Mobil