Technical //

Bischoff + Scheck provides innovation and mobility in many different areas. Our ‘Mobile Technical units’can be especially designed for use in TV transmissions, Bank counters or even for the emergency services e.g. fire engines!


Everything is made mobile by us!


It is essential that there is enough space to achieve maximum comfort when transporting equipment and also carrying out the work needed whilst travelling. The optimal usage of space is our main objective. Based on our customer wishes, we make use of all space available in the ‘Transport –unit’ to the very last corner.


Many different components are combined in our Technical Units enabling immediate usage of the equipment. The ergonomic design enables all members of the teams to be in action without delay, with simple adaptors for the connection of tools and communication devices. The rapid ‘set-up’ of the designed system is second to none.


We are inspired by our passion to be the best.