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Our work reaches far beyond the motor sport industry and even off the beaten track as we know it. In the off road area we offer the same amount of diligence in our expertise. This allows us to develop and create individual special vehicles with a high level of comfort and elegance. The off-road area creates a high degree of challenge. Expedition vehicles and off road compatible vehicles need to be especially robust and able to work under extreme conditions, constantly proving their quality! These are the challenges that we love to have from top motor vehicle companies.


We design and develop our off road vehicles to adapt to every circumstance whether it be gravel paths or rubble and boulders, whether it be wet terrain with flowing water or extremely steep passages. We create vehicles to meet every need, using only the best quality components, thus guaranteeing a safe journey to your destination.


More often than not, the requirements of our customers, such as extreme load bearing capacity and high functionality combined with maximum comfort, may appear to be impossible to deliver but this is where our way of thinking becomes our advantage. We approach every project with a large amount of technical know-how, ingenuity, and passion.


These are exactly the correct methods of approach and, combined with an immense amount of experience, we are able to cater for the most complicated and extraordinary customer requirements. Some off-road sector demands seem almost impossible but, of course, this ignites our creativity and drives us on to new heights.

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